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Tips For Selling Life Insurance – Questions That Get You Appointments

Fri, May 2, 2014


Tips For Selling Life Insurance – Questions That Get You Appointments

To get out of survival mode and be on the path to selling more insurance policies requires appointments. The more appointments you book the more policies you can sell. Sure you might be able to sell a policy here and there on the phone but when you book appointments you have the opportunity to extend the policy sale far beyond just 1 policy.

A customer who comes directly to your office is more likely to update all of their policies. Envision yourself booking an appointment in just minutes, the prospect comes direct to you, and you are able to get them to invest in auto, home and life policies all at the same time!

It doesn’t happen by accident and it won’t happen by trying to “close” them on the phone. Examine the 3 question format below and be on your way to doubling your policy sales in as little as 1 week.

  1. Question 1 – Your first question sets the stage for the conversation. It puts you in control, helps identify you as an expert, and let’s the prospect hear that you have their best needs in mind. In your first question I would invite you not to say anything about your company or product. Ask a question where you will get generally get a “yes” answer over 90% of the time. Although it can change depending on what type of marketing you are focusing on, generally you want to make your question a “have” question. Questions that start with “have” focus on the prospect and get them to see that you are focused on their needs.
  2. Question 2 – Your second question should be another question that gives you a positive “yes” at least 80% of the time. The type of insurance you are selling will dictate the specifics of the question; however, I would invite you to consider that this question will be an “is” question. An “is” question is your swing question meaning it decides what path they are going to go down. For an ad that focused on young drivers it might be “is this going to be your first time getting auto insurance?” Their answer dictates what your third question will be.
  3. Question 3 – Your third question is the opportunity to find something they don’t know. You have already got the prospect to agree with you twice and your last question is in place to reveal that there are some items they aren’t yet sure about. This shows that you are an expert without you having to say “I’m an expert”. It should be an aspect about insurance that is important to them such as special savings that is generally not known by main stream consumers. It is important not to use a traditional script, rather formulate your insurance script into an interest piquing question.

By transforming traditional insurance sales scripts into interest piquing questions you will quickly be on the path to doubling your sales. Simply put into action a “have”, “is” and “expert” question and watch your appointment count grow.

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