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Sales Training – Control The Sales Process With Questions

Sales Training – Control The Sales Process With Questions

Uncommon Methods Can Bring Serious Results!

Getting sales in any economy can prove to be a challenge.  In a tough economy where business owners and consumers alike are diligently watching every dollar of spending it can seem nearly impossible to get the sale.  It’s in these moments that the average sales professional starts to blame their company.

The average sales person looks at the company as the cause of sales failure.  Surely it couldn’t be their sales scripts.  Surely it couldn’t be how they set appointments with clients.  It has to be the company!  This person goes back to the marketing department and demands new “material”.  They look to their boss to add new services or features because that is what “every” customer wants.

When you get stuck in a feature or price battle you will be destined for a career that struggles to hit the big numbers.  The top entrepreneurs and sales professionals who get featured on stage with the big awards are ones who complain.  They are people who take action and in challenging times use uncommon sales techniques to generate the business.

To help you break through your sales goals, I invite you to consider the following sales techniques to jump start your sales in any economic conditions.

  • Qualify Your Prospects – I am not talking about finding out if they have the money or time to invest in your offering, I am referring to being bold enough to tell prospects a different message.  Whether you are cold calling or calling from your marketing let prospects know you only want to share your solution when there is a “match”.  There has to be a match for them having a need and what you are offering otherwise you WON’T sell to them.  This puts prospects on their toes making them eager to qualify with you.
  • Stop Answering Questions – Don’t let yourself get interviewed.  Stop the prospect from asking questions and ask interest piquing questions to find out what challenges they are encountering.  Transforming your sales scripts into interest piquing questions can take just a few minutes and can double your conversion rate.

Putting the uncommon sales techniques of qualifying prospects and not answering questions may seem strange to others around you.  Don’t let the peer pressure get you sucked in to having bad sales like everyone else; be different and watch your sales grow.

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