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Sales Presentation Skills – Have A Strong Marketing Message

Thu, May 8, 2014


Sales Presentation Skills – Have A Strong Marketing Message

Regardless of whether you offer a product or service your marketing message should give a prospect a clear reason to contact you. A good marketing message will make your phone ring off the hook daily with eager prospects. How you handle the calls from your marketing will dictate the success of your business. Handle the calls well and you can have massive success; handle them poorly and you may have to shut your doors.

As people are calling from your primary marketing message many sales professionals and entrepreneurs react with such excitement that they give too much information. They share details about their different programs, guarantees and more. Although the customer may feel the excitement they have nothing left to ask about and as a result conversion suffers.

Instead of sharing the details of your powerful marketing, consider transforming your sales scripts to reveal additional perspectives about your offering. Regardless of the type of message you use to generate calls revealing additional aspects will pique interest and get prospects to want more information.

With that prospect on the line, I invite you to consider the following tips to improve the results of your phone calls.

  • Statistics – Sadly most sales professionals and entrepreneurs misuse testimonials. They attempt to bludgeon the prospect with a series of statistical proof that shows them why they should buy now. Instead of telling them about your powerful stats consider helping them to see how statistics can be important to them. For example, if you were selling life insurance you could say “Would you like to find out how our insurance plans cost 2.2% less than the rest of the industry while still providing powerful coverage?”
  • Testimonials – Many business owners know that testimonials are good but they aren’t always shared with prospects. For those selling information products, physical products and even services testimonials can help transform a prospect to a customer. Testimonials can be shared online or you could even email them directly to prospects to help them feel confident enough to invest in what you are offering.

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