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Why Should You Have A Fan Page On Facebook

Why Should You Have A Fan Page On Facebook

Since Facebook is not a shopping network, but a social network, why should businesses develop and maintain a  Fan Page on Facebook, a profile of a business or service? Even if a visitor to your Fan Page on Facebook does not buy anything, you are developing long-term relationships and community.  The advantages of a Fan Page on Facebook are considerable.

One advantage is that developing a Fan Page on Facebook displays information to the public about your product or services.  Since Facebook Fan Pages are public, your page will be available to current customers, future employees, vendors, and prospects, not just Facebook members.

Facebook offers you a FREE opportunity to engage your community and the capability to share photos/video and have conversation with questions and answers. You can create a discussion tab, which is easier to manage than a discussion forum or message board on your own domain.

Another benefit is that Facebook encourages you to link your website to your business Fan Page on Facebook.  The amount of traffic to your website can not help but increase if even only a small percentage of Facebook traffic is directed to your site.

Because Google is now indexing content on social network sites like Facebook,
you have the potential to reach a favorable search engine page rank as more visitors hit your site.

Since most Facebook members expect businesses to have a Fan Page, it is a good idea to not let them down.  Facebook gives you the opportunity to develop a social relationship with both current customers and prospects.  This relationship builds loyalty in an atmosphere that does not emphasize sales.

Through a Facebook Fan Page, you can directly communicate with your fans all at the same time, or if you prefer, you can target fans in a certain geographic area, age range, gender, etc.  You can even use the Events App to send invitations for special events or promotions.  All of these social services are free.

While only 25% of Facebook members want to receive sales information, many of them are more than willing to be advocates for a preferred service or product.  They are eager to share brand names with their friends.  If you establish a close relationship with some influential people, you will have a volunteer army of marketers who will sell your product through communication on Facebook.

Facebook offers an informal atmosphere in which your customers and prospects will honestly communicate what they like and dislike about your product and your competitor’s.  You can receive a wealth of information about positive and negative experiences that can help you improve your service and product.

Another benefit is that you are able to adjust and customize talking points that speak directly to the needs of people on your Fan Page.  Facebook tools and the dashboard facilitate the analysis of data that you gather through Wall posts, discussion posts and reviews.

While your website remains your base of operation, social media can be used to spread your advertising, market position, and promotions across the web. You definitely need a Fan Page on Facebook.

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