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Sales Skills – How To Set Appointments Without Asking For Appointments

Sales Skills – How To Set Appointments Without Asking For Appointments

The daily money making activity for many sales professionals and entrepreneurs is the art of setting appointments. Every trick in the book is often pulled to get face time with the decision maker. Many will do just about anything to get past the gate keeper and secure just 30 minutes of time.

Annually millions of dollars are spent on golf outings, sporting events, and more just to get an “appointment”. Most efforts of flattery are wasted. Sure you might make a sale here and there, but how much are you really spending to get that time? How much effort, time, and money are you throwing just to get that person to listen to your offering?

One of the challenges in setting appointments is simply using the word “appointment“. When you say the word appointment what comes to your mind?

  • A meeting with your accountant at tax time?
  • A trip to the dentist?
  • A visit to your attorney’s office?

Rarely is there anything positive about an appointment. Most people conjure up images of being under a heat lamp, being peppered with features and benefits, until they finally give up. They will do anything to avoid the dreaded “appointment”. Sure they might agree to golf, but they will just nod their head when you talk about your offering as they line up for their next shot.

For most people as soon as you utter the word appointment they are already calculating how they are going to tell you NO. They are inventing meetings and your finest flattery won’t get you into the schedule. To avoid rejection and save yourself from investing money in green fees, consider asking for time differently. I am not suggesting that you just replace “appointment” with the word “meeting”, I am suggesting you change the benefit of meeting with the client.

Consider asking a prospect the following:

Would you like to meet Tuesday at 10am or Thursday at 3pm so I can discover more about your goals?

Who wouldn’t want to agree with that? In fact if a prospect rejects you from wanting to meet about their goals it is likely they are part of the 85% of leads that are simply a waste of time! By simply changing how you ask for face time you can start setting more appointments daily.

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