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Sales Presentation Skills – Keep Presentation Moving!

Sales Presentation Skills – Keep Presentation Moving!

Have you ever watched an infomercial? They extol the great features of the product with powerful demonstrations. They relentlessly push the benefits of the offering with testimonials and cleverly scripted dialog. There are some commercials that are up to 60 minutes in length! An amazing amount of dialog, testimonials, and demonstrations are shared just to sell a single type of product.

Are there times during those commercials when you wish they would shut up? Times were you were already hooked and ready to buy, but you didn’t? Maybe they showed one too many testimonial and it became a little unbelievable. Maybe they added just another product demonstration that made you think you should hold off.

Although there are many great infomercials out there some of them run into the trap of talking too much. They don’t stop at the right time and then the lose sales. With commercials costing 100′s of thousands of dollars for air time that is an expensive mistake. Working sales on the phone isn’t much different. There are many times were if you just stopped you would make more sales.

Tragically most sales professionals never notice. Countless entrepreneurs hang up the phone in frustration and blame the “lead” for not working out. While it’s possible it could have been the lead it could quite possibly be because you said too much. Instead of talking your way out of sales, I would invite you to consider the following sales script tips:

  1. Pause – When you give them options for an appointment or premium vs. your basic product wait to hear what they have to say. Don’t start telling them about the benefits of meeting with you or how great it is, just wait. 10 seconds might seem like an eternity but give them time to answer because you just might get the sale.
  2. Ask Interest Piquing Questions – Rather than tell your prospects yet another benefit ask them what they think. Ask them how they feel about what you shared with them. Ask them how they feel about saving time and money.
  3. You Might Have to Reject Them – Getting the sale means you might have to reject a prospect. If you are sitting in silence after a number of questions then there might not be a match. Don’t tell your prospect about more features and benefits let them know it might not be best for them. Let them know your great product/service isn’t right for everyone. They might just beg you to sell it to them.

Instead of endless jabber I invite you to consider careful pauses, asking interest piquing questions, and having the courage to reject a few prospects. Don’t talk yourself out of a sale again; get the 67 interest piquing questions that will get you the sale now.

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