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Closing More Sales By Not Answering The Price Question

Closing More Sales By Not Answering The Price Question

Good marketing systems will bring you calls and email leads daily.  Whether you are sending direct mail pieces, advertising in classified (or Craigslist), or even doing online marketing you should be getting requests daily for information.  The calls that will get delivered to you can range from the person looking for more information on what you offer to the “lay down” sale that simply asks when they can get what you are selling.

There isn’t any style of marketing that will deliver you “good” leads with a conversion rate of 100%.  Any type of marketing is designed to get people to raise their hands and you get to use email and phone methods to find those who are most interested and can take action.  In many service based (and even some product) industries there are common questions that get asked all of the time.

The average salesperson answers these common questions.  In an attempt to be what is thought of as “nice” and “helpful” the common sales professionals keeps answering all of the customer inquiries and then goes home at the end of the day with $0 in commissions to show for it.  People might have felt good on the phone but the sales numbers will speak for themselves.

One of the most common misunderstandings for many professionals is that answering questions is a good way to generate sales.  Being “helpful” will leave you broke.  You can only be helpful to people when they are your customers, NOT when they are merely prospects.

Take for example one of the most common questions that a prospect can call with:

“What is the price of “X”?”

This question is repeated by prospects throughout the country 1,000′s of times daily!  It’s one of the few questions that ALL prospects will ask because it’s the only one they THINK they need to know.  The rookie sales professional answers this question.  The sales professional who is looking to make a seven figure net income knows they can’t answer the question, at least not yet.

Instead of answering the question immediately consider the following tips:

  • Stop Statement – Get the customer to stop thinking they are in control.  Let them know you have to look it up.  Share with them that you have so many of “X” on hand that you want to get them the right info.  It almost doesn’t matter what you say just get them to stop asking questions.
  • Pose a direct question – Demonstrate your expertise by asking them a question in regards to what they called on.  In the carpet cleaning business you might ask something such as “Oh, you wanted to know the price of the carpet cleaning special? Have you ever gotten your carpet cleaned before? Did you want a premium clean or a basic clean?”  Just keep asking questions to see if they qualify for your services.

When you can stop prospects from asking questions and pose a direct question about their needs your sales scripts will rise beyond the normal to extraordinary.

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