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 Why Are Social Media Sites So Popular?

Steve Blackby Steve Black
Published 2010

Understanding This Phenomena 

Social networking sites, over the past few years, have
rapidly increased in popularity, so much that many are
wondering why and learning that there is a lot of profit to
be made by socializing.

I like to think of these sites kind of like free bulletin
boards to the world where you can create a business profile
that is all about networking and communicating with prospective customers and attracting new ones too.

One of the many reasons why social networking sites are so
popular from a business stand point is because they are a
fantastic source of free advertising, not to mention fun to

Imagine for a minute having the ability to reach hundreds
if not thousands of people all interested in what you have to
say! It gets your blood pumping doesn't it?

With Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites like them it is entirely possible and it can be achieved in a very short amount of time.

Let's face it there is just something about these sites. They
draw in millions upon millions of visitors.

- They are fun and easy to use.
- They make it easier to connect and meet new people.
- They make building a list of prospects (friends) a breeze.
- They give your the ability to reach around the world.

If you've visited a social networking site before then
I'm pretty sure you are aware of their popularity. If you
haven't then you need to get busy!

I want you to keep in mind the main goal of socializing for
profit is meeting new people, building new relationships and
increasing the visibility of your business. This can all
be done once you learn how to use social network sites
correctly. Not to mention the fact that it can mean a huge
boost in profits for your bank account.


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